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GYPI 2021 Thematic Webinar: Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing (English)

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Lessons Learned and Good Practices from previous GYPI


  • Good proposals proposed specific and tangible peacebuilding results based on and clearly linked to a thorough gender-sensitive conflict analysis.

  • Robust theories of change showed how capacity building and organizing of women’s peace constituencies could lead to concrete peacebuilding results.

  • Successful proposals were able to articulate clearly the link between the proposed interventions and the intended peacebuilding outcome. Projects that focused on GBV or women’s movement building, for example, without a clear and demonstrable link to a peacebuilding result were not successful.

  • Successful proposals clearly defined WHICH women would be engaged for WHAT reasons and explained HOW they would be identified.


  • Successful proposals were able to demonstrate they were developed in consultation with youth(-led) organizations and reflected their priorities as well as an overall investment in them.

  • Successful proposals were clearly informed by conflict analysis and peacebuilding needs in the geographical areas targeted by the project.

  • Good proposals clearly defined WHICH young people would be engaged for WHAT reasons and explain HOW they would be identified. One of the first activities of YPI projects should evolve around the targeting and identification of young people.

  • Successful proposals linked youth’s empowerment and participation to positive peacebuilding outcomes.

  • Proposals that automatically assumed that youth employment would ensure stability were not successful. Instead, projects focusing on employment/livelihoods should clearly demonstrate their intended peacebuilding outcomes by following theories of change relating to contact between members of different social groups, economic opportunities and addressing grievances.

  • Projects that focus on cultural or sports activities to engage young people need to demonstrate how they will contribute to peacebuilding related results in addition to the recreational and social benefits they might provide.

  • Projects focusing on young people as political actors and/or engaged citizens (PBF’s stated priority, in line with its overall approach to peacebuilding), need to ensure a sound political analysis of the context.

  • The gender dimension of the youth projects needs to be clearly articulated and defined.

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