Strengthening Human Security in in the Remote Chiefdoms of Gbense, Soa, and Kamara in Kono District of Sierra Leone​

Duration: January 2021 – December 2022
Budget: US$4,309,383 (UNTFHS: $1,010,823; Pooled Funding: $3,298,560)​
Implementing Agencies: UNDP, FAO and UNRCO

The populations living in the Kono District are facing numerous interconnected challenges, such as civil instability, a non-diversified economy with limited opportunities for income generation, unsustainable mining practices, destructive forestry activities, low agricultural productivity, and inadequate governance systems for community decision-making. This programme aims to address these issues through the enhancement of economic, political and community security and social cohesion at the community level. ​ ​

The programme builds on an initiative supported by the UNTFHS in 2019 to strengthen the application of human security towards accelerating the achievement of the SDGs at the local level in West Africa. ​[LINK]