Viet Nam

  • Girls dressed in white clothing with white hats stand at desks and wash the hands of smaller girls using bright green and pink plastic bowls and cups.

    Duration: October 2003 - December 2005
    Budget: US$980,309
    Implementing Agencies: UNICEF

    To reduce the vulnerability of at risk children and adolescents to HIV/AIDS, the programme sought to provide awareness raising education on HIV transmission to school aged children and adolescents, and build partnerships between schools, communities and families to jointly manage HIV prevention strategies.


  • A young child looks at a camera while leaning against a wooden pole. She is wearing a black necklace and a light green singlet.

    Duration: June 2003 - October 2006
    Budget: US$1,214,464
    Implementing Agencies: ILO

    The programme sought to assist the Governments of Vietnam and Cambodia to fight human trafficking as both countries were major source, transit and destination zones in the region. Based on an integrated strategy on both sides of the border, the programme raised awareness, mobilized communities, provided training, and strengthened the social and economic capacities of people at risk.


  • A group of young boys and girls smile in front of a camera and are doing a ‘peace’ sign with their hands. There are a group of older women watching from behind.

    Duration: January 2003 - December 2004
    Budget: US$308,227
    Implementing Agencies: UNODC

    The overall goal of the programme was to contribute to the ongoing drug eradication in Ky Son district by providing rural communities dependent on poppy cultivation with alternative sources of income, as well as promoting a more inclusive development framework with greater access to education, social services, infrastructure improvements, and land use rights.


  • A young woman stares into the distance and is wearing a stripy pink and white top. She is sitting behind a sewing wheel.

    Duration: June 2002 - July 2004
    Budget: US$360,627
    Implementing Agencies: UN-HABITAT

    As a result of more than 25 years of war and internal conflict, a large population of children and youth were living in dire conditions. To help re-integrate impoverished youth as full citizens, the programme addressed the needs of street children and disadvantaged youth through the establishment of a ‘House for Youth’ and the provision of basic services, education and vocational training.


  • Duration: July 2001 - June 2005
    Budget: US$378245
    Implementing Agencies: WHO

    The programme sought to extend health insurance coverage to people excluded from existing social security programmes in order to ensure greater access to healthcare services for those most vulnerable.