• Duration: October 2009 - January 2014
    Budget: US$4,633,477
    Implementing Agencies: FAO, UNIDO, UNFPA, IOM, UNDP, UNESCO, UNHCR, WHO

    By taking an integrated and coordinated approach across different sectors, the programme promoted greater equity and resilience, increased income generation opportunities, and improved the provision of social services in Mae Hong Son, the least developed and fragile province in Thailand.


  • Three young girls stand at a white table and prepare food. There are cooking utensils and bowls on the table. The girls are wearing hair nets and aprons and there are several girls standing in the background.

    Duration: April 2006 - May 2009
    Budget: US$1,977,116
    Implementing Agencies: ILO

    The programme contributed to the reduction of human trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation in Thailand and the Philippines by assisting, empowering and protecting returned victims through immediate and long-term socio-economic responses such as home visits; legal and psychosocial counseling; provision of health care and vocational training, as well as awareness raising on safe migration and how best to assist returnees in their reintegration.


  • A young woman sits in a wooden house surrounded by three other women. One of the women is carrying a child. There is a medical kit next to the woman speaking, and she is holding a diagram of a mother and her child.

    Duration: September 2005 - September 2009
    Budget: US$1,524,312
    Implementing Agencies: WHO

    The programme sought to enhance the capacities of both host communities and local authorities to deliver improved healthcare services to sick migrants who had arrived through irregular migratory channels and often refrained from seeking medical care due to fear of deportation, financial constraints, or language barriers.


  • A woman sits on a blue tiled floor and spoon feeds a child from a bowl. There are several other children sitting on the floor, in addition to small soccer balls.

    Duration: February 2005 - December 2007
    Budget: US$1,031,009
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP

    Responding to the interconnectivity between HIV/AIDS vulnerability and population mobility, the programme sought to reduce the social stigma attached to those infected, and build sustainable community resilience to HIV/AIDS in source communities in northern Thailand. 


  • A man and woman walk through a barren field full of hay and grass. The field is surrounded by trees and a powerline.

    Duration: January 2000 - January 2001
    Budget: US$141,250
    Implementing Agencies: ESCAP

    In response to the Asian Financial Crisis, the programme worked to improve the quality of life in low-income communities by enabling targeted groups to design and implement policies and plans of actions that were in line with their needs and vulnerabilities.