Region: Africa
  • Duration: February 2016 - September 2018
    Budget: US$5,073,188
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP, IOM, UNFPA, UN-HABITAT, UNICEF, WHO

    This programme was novel in promoting a community-driven planning framework for disaster risk reduction towards the implementation of the Sendai Framework. By building on longstanding and traditional approaches to volunteerism and community involvement, the programme provided a platform for communities to lead the mapping, design and implementation of local disaster plans based on their priority needs and vulnerabilities. This comprehensive approach not only reduced disaster risk but also promoted livelihood diversification and improved access to basic social services.


  • A group of children is shown playing in an area protected by French troops. They are standing on a dirt ground.

    Duration: January 2001 - March 2002
    Budget: US$1,262,500
    Implementing Agencies: UNHCR

    The programme was part of a broader UNTFHS programme which established 66 small scale initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Rwanda, in order to promote co-existence in ethnically divided communities in the process of repatriation and reintegration.