• Three young girls dressed in blue uniforms play soccer against a team of young boys dressed in yellow. A young girl is running across the field to kick the soccer ball. There are several children watching the game from behind a fence.

    Duration: October 2014 - September 2016
    Budget: US$2,396,256
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP, FAO, PAHO

    The programme improved the resilience of rural and indigenous communities living in vulnerable conditions in four municipalities in the Paraguayan Chaco region impacted by extreme and frequent climatic events. Based on a multi-sectoral framework, the programme strengthened the capacities of local institutions to overcome health, food, environmental and economic insecurities. In addition, overlooked by previous initiatives, traditional approaches and locally sourced materials provided the foundation for community-based environmental management and climate change adaptation plans that were subsequently integrated into the country’s disaster prevention and environmental protection strategies. As a result, risk management technologies were modified in accordance with local conditions and agricultural practices that were better targeted to the specific situation of remote indigenous communities and thus were better able to respond to and strengthen their resilience.