• Two young girls stand on the balcony of a destroyed building. There is an ocean in the backdrop. They are surrounded by rubble and torn aluminium.

    Duration: April 2016 - September 2019
    Budget: US$4,682,388
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP, UNESCO, UN Women

    The programme was the first to integrate the human security approach to tackle the root causes of insecurities related to disasters in Haiti. Through the reinforcement of formal protection mechanisms and the empowerment of women, youth and the other vulnerable groups, the programme advocated for inclusive and participatory strategies that addressed gaps in national and international plans through a strong emphasis on the development of community-based responses. As a result, the interventions strengthened collaboration between the government and communities on preparedness and response to recurring natural shocks, focused attention on reaching those most vulnerable, and promoted greater coherence between humanitarian assistance and development support to enhance disaster resilience.


  • A young Haitian male opens his mouth to receive drops from a member of a local medical team.

    Duration: May 2001 - April 2003
    Budget: US$303,040
    Implementing Agencies: UNFPA

    The programme sought to improve the overall capacity of Haiti’s health care system. By strengthening the quality and management of reproductive health services, including obstetric emergencies, the programme increased access to integrated family planning and reproductive health care for most Haitian women who had little or no access to these services.