• Group of people in a meeting in Cambodia sitting on a table while one woman is presenting

    Duration: August 2020 - December 2021
    Budget: US$312,009 (UNTFHS: $299,989; Pooled Funding: $12,020)
    Implementing Agencies: OHCHR (lead), UN-Habitat

    The programme conducted a comprehensive human security assessment to identify challenges and opportunities in Preah Sihanouk province and provide local and national authorities and other relevant stakeholders with evidence and analytics to define risk-informed strategies, programmes and policy options.



  • A group of men are sitting on a blue mat with their legs crossed. There are several pieces of paper on the blue mat. The heads of the men sitting on the mat are obscured in the photo.

    Duration: May 2005 - March 2010
    Budget: US$1,176,001
    Implementing Agencies: UNODC

    As Cambodia was becoming an increasingly important transit country for drug trafficking in South East Asia, the programme’s overall goal was to reduce the rapidly increasing trend of substance abuse in five highly affected provinces. Based on a comprehensive vulnerability mapping of drug abuse and unsafe sexual practices, the programmes supported a targeted approach by building the capacities of local authorities, village focal entities, local healthcare centres, the police, and community members.


  • Two women stand under a tree and a hut in the middle of a field. They are holding two young children.

    Duration: March 2004 - April 2007
    Budget: US$1,114,975
    Implementing Agencies: UN-HABITAT

    The programme sought to build the capacities and strengthen the dignity of poor communities in Phnom Penh by reducing their poverty and improving their access to affordable basic services and better living environments. Through the creation of over 160 community organisations, the programme constructed safe drinking and water facilities, whilst improving economic security through micro-credit schemes.


  • Four children sit in front of a camera.

    Duration: March 2004 - March 2007
    Budget: US$1,027,425
    Implementing Agencies: UNICEF

    The programme sought to improve the health, nutrition and educational status of women and children through improved access to basic social services and education. This was achieved by strengthening Village Development Committees and improving access to health care and education.


  • A young woman stands in front of a spinning wheel. She is wearing a bright pink and white shirt.

    Duration: June 2003 - December 2006
    Budget: US$1,161,605
    Implementing Agencies: FAO

    The programme aimed to improve household food security and strengthen income generation among Cambodia’s rural poor in several provinces by building synergies between district, provincial and central level initiatives, thereby improving access to water and increasing agricultural productivity.


  • A young woman holds her baby and stands under a hut with another woman and baby. There is a tree next to her. They are in a field strewn with rubbish, and there is a small hill in the background.

    Duration: June 2003 - October 2006
    Budget: US$1214464.76
    Implementing Agencies: ILO

    The programme sought to assist the Governments of Cambodia and Viet Nam to fight human trafficking as both countries were major source, transit and destination zones in the region. Based on an integrated strategy on both sides of the border, the programme raised awareness, mobilized communities, provided training and strengthened the social and economic capacities of people at risk.


  • Duration: June 2002 - July 2004
    Budget: US$360,627
    Implementing Agencies: UN-HABITAT

    As a result of more than 25 years of war and internal conflict, large population of children and youth were living in dire conditions. To help re-integrate impoverished youth as full citizens, the programme addressed the needs of street children and disadvantaged youth through the establishment of a ‘House for Youth” and the provision of basic services, education and vocational training.


  • A group of young boys and girls stand in front of the camera, smiling and waving. There are some older individuals standing behind them.

    Duration: February 2002 - January 2005
    Budget: US$609,248
    Implementing Agencies: UNESCO

    The objective of the programme was to support vulnerable children and at-risk youth who had dropped out of school and were engaged in informal activities, making them easy targets for criminal gangs and sexual exploitation. Through a network of organizations, a variety of activities were implemented to re-integrate those at risk into formal channels of education and daily life.


  • A woman is sitting at a desk with a sewing machine. She is holding down the red fabric as she is sewing it. There is a calendar hanging on the wall behind her, and a child is peering through the window.

    Duration: December 2000 - September 2002
    Budget: US$177,719
    Implementing Agencies: UN-HABITAT

    The programme aimed to reduce the broad range of insecurities faced by an inflow of migrants from rural areas settling in Phnom Penh’s expanding informal settlements. Through an integrated poverty reduction strategy, the programme improved access to basic services, provided vocational training and enhanced opportunities for income generation, and improved local governance through dialogue between the settlers and the local authorities.