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Food Systems Summit Dialogues

Food Systems Summit Dialogues offer a powerful opportunity for people everywhere to have a seat at the table at this milestone UN Summit. Dialogues bring together a diversity of stakeholders, including voices that are seldom heard, and provide an important opportunity for participants to debate, collaborate, and take action towards a better future. They give us the chance to connect, meet new partners, inspire and be inspired.

The ideas, solutions, partnerships and action plans generated in the Dialogues are critical to the Summit’s success. That’s why the Summit needs your input! We encourage you to join a Dialogue, or convene your own. In doing so, you can help us build a better future for food systems -- a future that is strong, safe, and fair for all.

Types of Dialogues

We invite everyone to consider organizing or participating in one of the three types of Summit Dialogues that will take place before and during the Summit.



All three types of Dialogues provide people with the opportunity to engage in the Summit in a meaningful way. The Dialogues aim to respect a healthy diversity of viewpoints, encourage shared exploration and reveal promising ways of working together.

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Convene your own Dialogue!

The Food Systems Summit offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to define the future of our food systems. Anyone and everyone with an interest in food systems is invited to convene an Independent Dialogue that will directly inform the Summit process. Locally based, locally led, and fully adaptable to different contexts, Independent Dialogues crowdsource sustainable solutions to strengthen local and global food systems.

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