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Remember the Fallen

Ethiopian Airlines Crash on 10 March 2019

21 United Nations personnel are confirmed to be among the fatalities of flight ET 302, which was travelling from Addis Ababa to Nairobi on 10 March 2019. On 15 March in New York there was a wreath-laying ceremony to pay tribute to the 21 lost colleagues working for 11 organizations of the United Nations system.

The Fallen

FAO Joanna Toole (Female, United Kingdom)
IOM Anne Feigl (Female, Germany)
ITU Maygenet Worku Abebe (Female, Ethiopia)
ITU Marcelino Tayob (Male, Mozambique)
UNDP Shikha Garg (Female, India)
UNEP Victor Shing Ngai Tsang (Male, China)
UNHCR Nadia Adam Abaker Ali (Female, Sudan/Suriname)
UNHCR Jessica Hyba (Female, Canada)
UNHCR Jackson Musoni (Male, Rwanda)
UNON Susan Mohamed Abufarag (Female, Egypt)
UNON Graziella De Luis (Female, United States)
UNON Esmat Adelsattar Taha Orensa (Female, Egypt)
UNSOM Oliver Vick (Male, United Kingdom)
WB Max Thabiso Edkins (Male, Germany)
WFP Ekta Adhikari (Female, Nepal)
WFP Maria Pilar Buzzetti (Female, Italy)
WFP Virginia Chimenti (Female, Italy)
WFP Harina Hafitz (Female, Indonesia)
WFP Zhen-Zhen Huang (Female, China)
WFP Michael Eoghan Ryan (Male, Ireland)
WFP Djordje Vdovic (Male, Serbia)

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