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Nadia Adam Abaker Ali, Assistant Protection Officer, Darfur, Sudan, UNHCR

Nadia Adam Abaker Ali

Love, compassion and a big smile are among the qualities that Nadia Adam Abaker Ali, 40, brought to her work keeping refugees displaced by war – particularly children and women – safe in Darfur, Sudan.

Nadia joined UNHCR in 2010 in Nyala, as a Community Services Assistant, helping Sudanese who fled the war in Darfur. From 2012, she was on the frontline receiving an influx of thousands of refugees, most of them women and children, from the crises that erupted in neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan.

She had responsibility for making sure that refugees were safe from sexual and gender-based violence and received proper, quality basic services. She ensured that child refugees from CAR enrolled in primary and secondary schools where they could get recognized qualifications and, crucially, a chance to build a future.

With a degree in health sciences, Nadia also used her expertise to strengthen the medical referral system for refugees, making sure each received timely and quality attention and were treated with dignity and fairness.

The daily challenges she faced in Darfur left her undaunted. She was recognized for her good judgement, exceptional performance and professionalism, and for always coming up with recommendations for actions for those in her care. Last October, she was promoted to Assistant Protection Officer.

Proficient in Arabic, Nadia worked as a health specialist in Nyala and Khartoum before joining UNHCR. She leaves behind a husband and a daughter, aged six.

Biographical information and photo provided by UNHCR. Photo: © UNHCR/Igor Ciobanu