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Remember the Fallen

Ethiopian Airlines Crash, 10 March 2019

Susan Abul Farag, Interpreter, UNON

Susan Abul Farag

Tribute by her sister, Hoda Abulfarag:

"Suzanne was a kind hearted pious person, who dedicated most of her life to her family, raising successful loving children. When she felt she had done her duty towards them she turned to her own career. With her usual perseverance and dedication, she followed in her sister's footsteps becoming a successful conference interpreter, and worked for the UN as a freelance interpreter for over 15 years. 

Suzanne is survived by her three sons Ahmad, Amr and Khaled."

Tribute by her son:

"Amid the deep sorrow and sense of void and hopelessness with the sudden tragic loss of my beloved mother comes the sense of pride and honour to have been in the life of such a unique woman.

It is also hard to process that i have to talk about my mother without being able to talk to her. I would like to start with what i am grateful for. I am grateful to be the son of such a unique woman. Her tremendous love and support for her family and for everyone who knew her is humbling and inspiring. Her devotion to her family, dedication to her children and grandchildren and incredible bond with her sisters is a real life lesson.

She was passionate about her work as an interpreter and was devoted to it till the last moment. Although her voice will not be heard again in the conferences she used to attend, there is no doubt that the impact she left on everyone who worked with her will remain.

It is hard to summarize or speak to an entire life full of love, devotion and compassion at a time that is deeply painful and comes with a flood of emotions and reflections. I am admittedly sad and emotional but at the same time i cherish and celebrate the life of my amazing mommy."

Photo provided by UNON.