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Remember the Fallen

Ethiopian Airlines Crash, 10 March 2019

Maygenet Adebe, Administrative Assistant, Regional Office for Africa, ITU

Maygenet Adebe

Maygenet was a young mother of two beautiful children, Nuhamin and Michael, aged 6 and 3. In a news article published shortly after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, her cousin remembered Maygenet as a kind, caring person who was always ready to help. “She used to help us by bringing in equipment or clothes from abroad to the neighbors, and she had a car and was always the first to come out and help and give ride,” he said.

An administrative assistant with the ITU Regional Office for Africa since 2010, Maygenet was a graduate of Addis Ababa University. Her duties went beyond administrative functions because  she was always willing to take additional responsibilities and to learn new things. No matter how busy she was, she could always be counted upon to help a colleague with a work issue, whether a web update or an urgent letter to a stakeholder. No matter what the needs, everyone knew they could turn to Maygenet for assistance. Maygenet was instrumental in organizing every year International Girls in ICT Day, an ITU initiative to encourage and empower girls and young women to consider studies and car​eers in the growing field of ICTs. Before the fatal crash, Maygenet was working on International Girls in ICT Day 2019, to be celebrated in Addis Ababa on 25 April.

Close colleagues remember Maygenet’s deep love and devotion to Nuhamin and Michael. She was a wonderful storyteller and loved to share her stories. “She would brighten up each time she talked about them,” one colleague said. Another colleague remembers Maygenet’s big heart and generosity. “For her, people and their needs always came first. She was attentive to people’s emotions and personal stories. She took time to listen and to her that was precious time which was never wasted.”

Maygenet touched many lives and she will be greatly missed for her joy and altruism.

On 10 March 2019, she boarded Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 to Nairobi to attend the Steering Committee of the Centers of Excellence. She was travelling with her ITU colleague, Marcelino Tayob.

Maygenet is survived by her husband and her two wonderful children.

Biographical information and photo provided by ITU.