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Remember the Fallen

Ethiopian Airlines Crash, 10 March 2019

Esmat Orensa, Interpreter, UNON

Esmat Orensa

Esmat was one of the second generation of Egyptian interpreters, the generation that followed closely the pioneers of the profession.

From French schools, she went on to study language and translation at the Faculty of Languages Al-Alsun, Ein Shams University, Cairo, and graduated with honors.

While working as lecturer at the same faculty, she went to interpretation school to graduate two years later, also with honors.

At that time Arabic language was widely introduced in international and regional organizations, and Esmat, with a limited number of colleagues, followed in the footsteps of the pioneers of the profession. 

With her sunny disposition, her love of life and all the good things in it, Esmat was always ready to help others with a smile. She went through life and all its difficult moments keeping up her high spirits, taking care of her family and being loyal to her friends. 

She is survived by her son, Khaled, her grandchildren, her husband Nabil and her brother Essam.

Biographical information provided by UNOG. Photo provided by UNON.