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How is UN peacekeeping financed?

According to Article 17 of the United Nations Charter the General Assembly shall consider and approve the budget of the Organization and the expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the Members as apportioned by the General Assembly.

In its resolution 55/235 of 23 December 2000, the General Assembly reaffirmed the general principles underlying the financing of peacekeeping operations:

The same resolution decided the rates of assessment for peacekeeping based on ten levels of contribution.

General Assembly Resolution 55/236 on voluntary movements in connection with the apportionment of the expenses of United Nations peacekeeping operations also decided that:

Most recently in 2015, by its resolution 70/246,  the General Assembly endorsed updated levels of contribution for peacekeeping operations contained in annex II to the Secretary-General's report on the Implementation of General Assembly resolutions 55/235 and 55/236 (A/70/331 and Add.1) and decided to review the structure of levels of contribution for peacekeeping at its seventieth session.


Peacekeeping budgets

In its resolution 49/233 A of 23 December 1994, on the administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of United Nations peacekeeping operations, the General Assembly decided that the financial period for each peacekeeping operation shall be from 1 July to 30 June.

According to the timetable endorsed by this resolution the Fifth Committee resumes its work annually for a period of four weeks in May to consider the administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of peacekeeping operations.

Peacekeeping budgets are prepared based on the mandate from the Security Council. A start-up team is deployed as soon as feasible after the Security Council establishes mandate. A detailed budget is then prepared on the basis of findings of survey mission. It is prepared on an annualized basis (1 July of first year to 30 June to the following year) and therefore covers one mandate period and beyond.

In line with the provisions of resolution 55/231 on results based budgeting, the budgets of peacekeeping missions are prepared based on the measures approved in the resolution including to:

This resolution was reaffirmed in section III of resolution 61/276, which:

In 2010, the General Assembly, in section VI it's resolution 64/269, decided that:

More information about peacekeeping budgets is available in this presentation.


Strengthening the capacity of the Organization on peacekeeping operations

In its resolution 61/256 of 15 March 2007, the General Assembly supported the restructuring of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, including the establishment of a Department of Field Support and stressed that the actions to restructure the Department of Peacekeeping Operations should be implemented with full respect for the relevant mandates, decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly and of the Security Council.

Subsequently on June 29 2007, in its resolution 61/279, the General Assembly decided to establish a new department with the intention of strengthening the capacity of the Organization on peacekeeping operations: the Department of Field Support.


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