Proposed programme budget for the biennium 2010-2011 of the Secretary-General (A/64/6)

Foreword & Introduction
A/64/6 (Introduction)Corr.1


Estimates of expenditure
PART I. Overall policy-making, direction and coordination

Section 1. Overall policy-making, direction and coordination
A/64/6 (Sect.1)Corr.1

Section 2. General Assembly and Economic and Social Council affairs and conference management
A/64/6 (Sect.2)


PART II. Political affairs

Section 3. Political affairs and special missions
A/64/6 (Sect.3)

Section 4. Disarmament
A/64/6 (Sect.4)Corr.1

Section 5. Peacekeeping operations
A/64/6 (Sect.5)Corr.1

Section 6. Peaceful uses of outer space
A/64/6 (Sect.6)


PART III. International justice and law

Section 7. International Court of Justice
A/64/6 (Sect.7)Corr.1

Section 8. Legal affairs
A/64/6 (Sect.8)


PART IV. International cooperation for development

Section 9. Economic and social affairs
A/64/6 (Sect.9)

Section 10. Least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States
A/64/6 (Sect.10)

Section 11. United Nations Support to the New Partnership for Africa's Development
A/64/6 (Sect.11)Corr.1

Section 12. Trade and Development
A/64/6 (Sect.12)

Section 13. International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO
A/64/6 (Sect.13)Add.1A/64/7/Add._

Section 14. Environment
A/64/6 (Sect.14)

Section 15. Human settlements
A/64/6 (Sect.15)

Section 16. International drug control, crime prevention and criminal justice
A/64/6 (Sect.16)


PART V. Regional cooperation for development

Section 17. Economic and social development in Africa
A/64/6 (Sect.17)Corr.1

Section 18. Economic and social development in Asia and the Pacific
A/64/6 (Sect.18)

Section 19. Economic and social development in Europe
A/64/6 (Sect.19)

Section 20. Economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean
A/64/6 (Sect.20)

Section 21. Economic and social development in Western Asia
A/64/6 (Sect.21)

Section 22. Regular programme of technical cooperation
A/64/6 (Sect.22)Corr.1


PART VI. Human rights and humanitarian affairs

Section 23. Human rights
A/64/6 (Sect.23)

Section 24. International protection, durable solutions and assistance to refugees
A/64/6 (Sect.24)

Section 25. Palestine refugees
A/64/6 (Sect.25)

Section 26. Humanitarian assistance
A/64/6 (Sect.26)


PART VII. Public information

Section 27. Public information
A/64/6 (Sect.27)Corr.1


PART VIII. Common support services

Section 28. Management and central support services
A/64/6 (Sect.28)

A. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Management
A/64/6 (Sect.28A)

B. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts
A/64/6 (Sect.28B)

C. Office of Human Resources Management
A/64/6 (Sect.28C)

D. Office of Central Support Services
A/64/6 (Sect.28D)Add.1A/64/7/Add._

E. Administration, Geneva
A/64/6 (Sect.28E)

F. Administration, Vienna
A/64/6 (Sect.28F)

G. Administration, Nairobi
A/64/6 (Sect.28G)Corr.1

Section 29. Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT)
A/64/6 (Sect.29)Corr.1


PART IX. Internal oversight

Section 30. Internal oversight
A/64/6 (Sect.30)


PART X. Jointly financed administrative activities and special expenses

Section 31. Jointly financed administrative activities
A/64/6 (Sect.31)

Section 32. Special expenses
A/64/6 (Sect.32)


PART XI. Capital expenditures

Section 33. Construction, alteration, improvement and major maintenance
A/64/6 (Sect.33)


PART XII. Safety and security

Section 34. Safety and security
A/64/6 (Sect.34)Add.1A/64/_A/64/7/Add._


PART XIII. Development Account

Section 35. Development account
A/64/6 (Sect.35)A/64/89


PART XIV. Staff assessment

Section 36. Staff assessment
A/64/6 (Sect.36)




Estimates of income

Income Section 1. Income from staff assessment
A/64/6 (Income Sect. 1)

Income Section 2. General income
A/64/6 (Income Sect. 2)

Income Section 3. Services to the public
A/64/6 (Income Sect. 3)


Advisory Council on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) report on the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2010-2011 of the Secretary-General


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