This thought piece by the Christian Science Monitor’s Editorial Board highlights how a rise in global hunger as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a need to rethink the global food system and provides India as an example that can be looked to.

In the midst of the pandemic, India has found new ways to combat hunger. Through their rapid policy actions and effective coordination with national and local institutions they have been successful in managing the shortfalls of the pandemic. India has invested in social-safety infrastructure that they benefited from during these times.

With millions across the world suffering from hunger, this number is expected to double because of the pandemic. Lessons from one country to another can be exchanged as countries work together to expose the weaknesses of the global food systems and transform how the world produces and consumes food.

The UN Food Systems Summit will provide an ideal platform for all countries to come together and find solutions to help the most vulnerable to world hunger.


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