10 May 2021

WHAT: The first report from Member State Dialogues held in 11 countries is now available, summarising the emerging themes from 35 feedback forms provided as part of the preparations for the UN Food Systems Summit.

WHEN: The full report will be available on Monday, 10 May.

WHERE: The report will be publicly available on the Summit Dialogues page of the community site, and can also be found on the Dialogue Gateway.

WHO: The first 11 Member States to submit feedback of their Dialogues to contribute to this first synthesis report are:

  • Bangladesh;
  • Cambodia;
  • Finland;
  • Guatemala;
  • Honduras;
  • Japan;
  • Kuwait;
  • Nigeria;
  • Sweden;
  • Switzerland;
  • United States of America.

WHY: Member State Dialogues are a core component of the UN Food Systems Summit process. Alongside a wide range of other preparatory work for the Summit, Member States were invited to initiate a series of Dialogues designed to bring together an extensive range of stakeholders and actors in their national food systems in order to address the complex and often contentious issues faced by governments in promoting a sustainable food system.

A total of 114 Member States have nominated a Dialogue Convener and are thereby committed under the Dialogue programme. To date, there are more than 160 Member State Dialogues registered on the Dialogue Gateway, where all the Feedback Forms submitted by Member State Dialogue Conveners are publicly available. The Summit expects that these reports and each Member State Dialogue will help countries develop context-specific food systems transformation pathways to achieve the SDGs by 2030 and use the Summit moment to start scaling up action.

About the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit

The UN Food Systems Summit was announced by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on World Food Day last October as a part of the Decade of Action for delivery on the SDGs by 2030. The aim of the Summit is to deliver progress on all 17 of the SDGs through a food systems approach, leveraging the interconnectedness of food systems to global challenges such as hunger, climate change, poverty and inequality. More information about the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit and list of Advisory Committee and Scientific Group members can be found online: https://www.un.org/foodsystemssummit