"From a Summit perspective, exclusion is not how we will look at this engagement…we can't build trust around how we engage unless we discuss issues that are difficult for all of us, and unless we are willing to sit around the table and have a conversation," said UN Special Envoy Agnes Kalibata in her open remarks at the live Civil Society Public Forum which took place on March 26.

This live online forum saw representatives from the Action Tracks and Summit Dialogues share progress, ideas to date and next steps. The conversation centered around building frameworks for action as a part of the pre-summit engagement process.

Big questions around where participants saw Civil Society's role in sustaining and transforming food systems throughout the next decade of action and how best to mobilize change on the ground were asked. The discussion provided an opportunity to touch on emerging recommendations and ideas of building coalitions, identify gaps, and other areas of concern.

The importance of civil society as an essential participant in shaping transformation towards sustainable food systems was highlighted. UN Special Envoy Kalibata stressed this summit's significance as a "people's summit," which was designed so that various people, communities, and countries from all walks of life had the opportunity to dialogue.


(also available on the UNFSS YouTube channel here)