“If you work in silos you will never get these changes implemented because the farmer can’t afford it, but if big corporations come to work together across the value chain; you create value at a different level,” says influencer, businessman and campaigner, Paul Polman. This latest episode is all about how to build a food system that’s dedicated to nutrition and health of people and the planet.

Joining in this conversation is Chef, writer, and regenerative food system advocate, Chantelle Nicholson, who talks about the importance of consciousness as the first step and asking questions on where do you buy your food and how many plants are you eating a week, as something we can all do to bring in more good food for all.

Listen to this conversation with Paul, Chantelle, and host Aaron Niederhelman as they discuss how we can achieve good for the people and planet, as we continue to Lay Down Tracks to the UN Food Systems Summit.


Host: Aaron Niederhelman, Sourcing Matters podcast
Guest: Paul Polman, Co-Founder and Co-Chair for Imagine, former CEO of Unilever and former member of the UN High-Level Panel for SDGs
Guest: Chantelle Nicholson, Chef, writer and regenerative food systems advocate


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