Bonding science with food systems transformation event cover image

Bonding science and policy to accelerate food systems transformation

Event date: 
04 Feb 2021 - 10:00

Exploring the latest research and policy related advances with a “real-world” lens, this high-level event will mobilise dialogue across multiple perspectives to achieve greater alignement and action, and make a significant contribution to the debate on both where to put combined efforts and how to strengthen science-policy linkages towards the UN Food Systems Summit and beyond. Hosted by the Government of France, join UNFSS at this event from 10:00 - 16:30 CET.




The event, Bonding science and policy to accelerate food systems transformation, which took place on February 4, gathered more than 600 participants from 60 countries.

It was an event rich with presentations and interactions between policy makers, scientists, civil society and private sector representatives which addressed the role of science-policy interfaces as drivers of food systems transformation across the world.

The synthesis and recommendations from this dialogue are now available to download in English and FrenchIn addition, the below video highlights key messages delivered throughout the one-day event, and brings forth a call to both scientists and decision-makers to do “business as UNusual”, to unlock the huge potential of their interactions and build the future.



(also available on Vimeo here)