HQ Purchase Orders

On the HQ Purchase Orders and the Peacekeeping Purchase Orders web pages, the UN Procurement Division publishes UNHQ and Field Mission Purchase Order Awards over US$40,000. Purchase Orders issued against established contracts are not included.  For Purchase Orders partially against contracts, only the amount not against the contract is indicated. Contract Awards are published on the HQ Contracts pages.


Vendor Name Country Commodity Group Commodity Description Value PO No. PO Award Date Ref. No.
Chapman Freeborn Airchartering United Kingdom Air Transportation Services Air cargo transport $949,750.00 2200137285 06 June 2019 3400008454
COMMUNITY SYSTEM FOUNDATION United States of America Computer & Information Technology Related Services Software or hardware engineering $76,935.00 2200140005 28 June 2019 N/A
DAHER TECHNOLOGIES France Freight Forwarding & Delivery Services Marine cargo transport $596,966.95 2200139030 27 June 2019 N/A
DUNDEX Canada Others Temporary personnel services $45,045.00 2200137169 04 June 2019 N/A
ITO Frankfurt Hans Gerzymisch GmbH Germany Freight Forwarding & Delivery Services Mail and cargo transport $72,865.41 2200139968 28 June 2019 N/A
O.K.I General Trading (L.L.C) United Arab Emirates Telecommunication Equipment & Services Fixed network equipment and components $177,977.00 2200138655 25 June 2019 3400007780
Radiant Resources, Inc. United States of America EDP Equipment and Maintenance Services Computer hardware maintenance and support $78,000.00 2200139188 24 June 2019 N/A
ROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE United States of America Others Politics and Civic Affairs Services $100,000.00 2200138194 13 June 2019 N/A
The Sinbad Navigation Company DMCC United Arab Emirates Freight Forwarding & Delivery Services Marine craft rental or leasing service $850,000.00 2200139772 27 June 2019 3000000527
Top Sources Trading Ltd. China Others Batteries and cells and accessories $154,995.00 2200138978 27 June 2019 3400007654


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