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政府支持: 瑞典


Victims of terrorism have the same rights and are provided assistance by the same programs that are in place for victims of other crimes. Fortunately, so far there have been very few victims of terrorism in Sweden.

There are mechanisms to provide legal advice free of charge, for example concerning claims for damages or to assist in negotiation with an insurance company for such a claim. Financial aid is provided from the state if a victim of a crime does not have insurance that covers all legal costs.

Crime victims have the right to claim damages for injuries incurred in connection with the crime. If the offender of the crime is unknown, if the offender does no t have the means to pay damages ordered by the court or the victim’s insurance does not cover full compensation for the crime, compensation is still possible through the public criminal injuries compensation.

Crime victims have the right to support services and interpreter if necessary, if they are called as witnesses during criminal investigations. The nationwide organization for victim support is called the Victim Support Sweden (BOJ).

For detailed information regarding rights of victims of crime in Sweden click here


Please see Assistance to Victims section.


Fortunately, there have been no victims of terrorism attacks in Sweden.

In the event of a crisis affecting Sweden or Swedish citizens abroad, such as a terrorist attack, the Government Offices’ efforts in managing the crisis is supported by the Crisis Management Coordination Secretariat at the Prime Minister’s office. The Secretariat is responsible for raising the alarm and obtaining an overall picture of the situation, and for obtaining a view of the joint impact in on society. Learn more

During situations of major emergencies, all independent agencies will act according to their respective regular responsibilities, and has an obligation to ensure cross-sectorial cooperation.

The Swedish emergency preparedness system is based on a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency preparedness programme structured around the cornerstones prevention, planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

The civil emergency planning is coordinated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, which has a holistic and all hazards approach to emergency management.


The tasks and objectives for Swedish crisis emergency planning are to minimize the risk and consequences of major emergencies, assess and strengthen societal preparedness for emergencies and ensuring coordination between authorities with different areas of responsibility.

The extended international task of Swedish crisis emergency planning is to increase capacities for handling with a wide spectrum of situations and emergencies ranging from international confidence-building measures to coordinated crisis management in complex emergencies.


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