Security Council Truce Commission/Consular commission – Mobilization of Transjordan forces – Press release



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Press Release PAL/162

29 April 1948


The following telegram was sent today by the Consular Commission in Jerusalem to the President of the Security Council:

"President of the Security Council:

"Commission on 28 April sent to H.M. King Abdullah Ibn Hussein of Transjordan  telegram signed by Chairman as follows:  The Security Council Truce Commission for Palestine has been informed that the Government of Transjordan has decided upon a general mobilization and the Transjordan forces will shortly march across the Palestine frontiers.  As Your Majesty is aware, the United Nations General Assembly at this time is discussing the question of Palestine, moreover, the Security Council, acting in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, is at present considering the problem of the maintenance of peace in the country and has created this Truce Commission for the purpose of bringing about a truce from hostilities in the Holy Land.  Any warlike decision or action on the part of Transjordan will undoubtedly be the cause of the gravest censure by the Security Council and the entire United Nations as a possible threat to peace.  Accordingly the Security Council Truce Commission for Palestine urges your Majesty in the strongest terms to abstain from any military decisions or acts which may be under contemplation by your Majesty's Government."

The Consular Commission was established by the Security Council on 23 April, composed of the consular representatives of Belgium, France, and the US in Jerusalem, to report to the Security Council on the truce situation in Palestine.

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Document symbol: PAL/162
Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: Security Council, Security Council Truce Commission
Subject: Palestine question
Publication Date: 29/04/1948

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