The 26th meeting of Subcommittee 1 of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question was held at Lake Success this afternoon to consider points in the UNSCOP Majority Report not yet agreed upon.

Chairman, KSAWERY PRUSZYNSKI (Poland) drew the subcommittee’s attention to Chapter IV, Item I of the Majority Report, dealing with United Nations’ guarantee of the provisions of Chapters I and II of the Declaration.  Under the UNSCOP Report, no modification could be made in the provisions without the assent of the General Assembly.  At the suggestion of Venezuela, it was decided to put the words “General Assembly” in parentheses until the working group on implementation makes its report, stating which body of the United Nations will be made the responsible organ for modification.

The next item discussed was the preamble to the Economic Union with a revised text submitted by the United States suggesting that responsibility for the economic union should be placed with the United Nations Commission.  This preamble was also temporarily deferred pending the report of the working group.

The Subcommittee then adopted provisionally a proposal on the Division of Joint Revenues (GA/PAL/63) suggested and discussed last night by a Secretariat Economist, Mr. Riedman, and the Jewish Agency.

The next item discussed was Assets, as presented in the Majority Report AN addition to the Report’s paragraph was presented by the Jewish Agency, and will be considered further on Monday.  The proposed addition reads:

“During the period between the appointment of the United Nations Commission and the Termination of the Mandate, the Mandatory shall, except in respect of ordinary operations, negotiate with the Commission on any measure which it may contemplate involving the liquidation, disposal or encumbering of the assets of the Palestine Government, such as accumulated treasury surplus, the proceeds of Government bond issues, State lands or any other asset.”

Decision on the Majority Report’s paragraph on the admission to membership in the United Nations, and on proposed revision by the United States were also postponed until the final report of the working group was received.

The next meeting was fixed provisionally for Monday at 10:30 AM.


Document symbol: GA/PAL/65
Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: General Assembly Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question
Subject: Palestine question
Publication Date: 15/11/1947