UN Palestine Commission – Free Sterling allocations – Communication from the Jewish Agency for Palestine


Communication Received from Jewish Agency

Concerning Free Sterling Allocations

The following communication, regarding Free Sterling allocations after 15 May, has been received from Mr. Hoofien of the Jewish Agency.



Plaza Hotel

Room 945/7

New York, April 26, 1948.

Dear Dr. Bunche,

The matter of Free Sterling allocations after May 15th has several weeks ago been discussed between Mr. Reedmen and his associates and myself, and we arrived at conclusions which, I have reason to believe, were not very remote from each other. At that time it was planned that one of the members of the Commission would proceed to London, accompanied by various members of your Economic Staff, and these allocations were to be discussed there as a matter of urgency.

The voyage to London has for the time being been abandoned, and I understand that the matter of the Free Sterling allocations has remained in suspense. In the meantime the 15th May is drawing nearer, and it is a matter of pressing urgency for bankers and other responsible persons and bodies in Palestine to know what the position will be after that date. May I, therefore, draw your attention to this particular point and suggest that; whatever the Commission’s attitude may be on matters of a political or more, general nature, the British Delegation should be approached and the Commission’s specific proposals should be placed before them as a matter great urgency.

I am and rain at the Commission’s disposal for consultations.

Yours sincerely,

(signed) S. HOOFIEN

S. Hoofien;

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche

Principal Secretary

United Nations Palestine Commission

Lake Success, New York.

Document symbol: A/AC.21/JA/40
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Document Type: Communication, Letter
Document Sources: General Assembly, United Nations Palestine Commission (UNPC)
Subject: Economic issues, Palestine question
Publication Date: 26/04/1948
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