Daily News Summary

2 April 1948

Jerusalem, 1 April – A Jewish, 60-truck convoy from Tel Aviv was turned back for the second time by Arab forces, as it tried to reach Jerusalem where the food shortage in the Jewish quarter is approaching emergency status. The convoy returned to Rehovoth after 9 Jews had been killed and 17 wounded in a battle in Wadi Sarrar. The Jews reported that 28 Arabs had been killed by Haganah patrols attempting to clear the convoy’s route.

According to a Haganah broadcast total casualties in the day-long battle were 70 Arabs (many of them Iraqi) and 17 Jews killed.

In other incidents 5 Jews and 11 Arabs were killed, and 15 Jews and 4 Arabs wounded.

Police statistics for March shoved 566 dead, 352 seriously wounded, and 686 slightly wounded throughout Palestine. The dead included 271 Jews, 256 Arabs: 14 British soldiers, and 4 British policemen.

Police statistics frail November 30 to midnight March 31 were; 1,944 dead, (817 Jews, 922 Arabs, and88 British); 1,497 seriously wounded, and 2,638 slightly wounded. (NY TIMES)

Jerusalem, 1 April – Michael Comay, Jewish Agency spokesman, charged the British Government with trying to force evacuation of outlying neighborhoods which protect the embattled main Jewish section of the New City.

It was learned that 2,000 Arabs were ready this morning to assault and attempt to occupy the Yemen Moshe Quarter. (NY HERALD TRIBUNE, NY TIMES)