UN Palestine Commission – List of communications 1 Dec.1947 – 30 Jan. 1948



1 DECEMBER 1947 – 30 JANUARY 1948

(Note: The communications listed below do not include communications which have already been issued as documents. The communications listed here are on file and may be seen on request.)

I. Communications Submitting Memoranda

1. Letter dated 2 December 1947 from Mr. James Ashton, Newbury, England, enclosing a memorandum entitled “Letter to UNO” concerning the formation of a volunteer police force to serve in. Palestine.

2. Letter dated 8 January 1948 from Dr. Armand Eisler, New York, enclosing a memorandum entitled “Palestine and the Charter.”

3. Four letters from Mr. Arthur Lourie, Director, New York office, Jewish Agency for Palestine, enclosing copies of reports cabled from the Jerusalem office of the Jewish Agency.

II. Other Communications

1. Letter dated 6 December 1947 from the General Secretary of Iqbal Academy, Rangoon, Burma, enclosing a unanimous resolution of the Musselmen of Rangoon condemning partition of Palestine and pledging their support to the Arab Higher Committee.

2. Cablegram dated 14 December 1947 from the Vaad Hair Haashktenazi, Jerusalem, asking for official recognition as an independent Jewish community.

3. Letter dated 22 December 1947 from Mr. Fritz Ratter, President, Union of German Returning Emigrants, Jerusalem, requesting the United Nations to advise the Mandatory Power to evacuate them from Palestine and repatriate them to Germany.

4. Letters dated 24 and 29 December 1947 and 16 January 1948 from the Junior Hadassah, New York; the Brotherhood of Israel, New York; and Mr. Jerome N. Curtis, President, Jewish Community Council of Cleveland, Ohio, expressing appreciation of the decision of the General Assembly to partition Palestine.

5. Letter dated 25 December 1947 from the President of the Egyptian Wafd enclosing a Manifest protesting against the decision of the General Assembly to partition Palestine.

6. Cablegram dated 26 December 1947 from Singapore, registering the unanimous protest of 100,000 Muslims of Singapore against the proposed partition of Palestine.

7. Letter dated 2 January 1948 from Mr. Z. Hadassi, Camp Supervisor, Palestinian Jews in Exile, Special Camp, Gilgil, Kenya, asking for the repatriation to Palestine of 288 detainees.

8. Cablegram dated 5 January 1948 from the Muslim Association of Moulmein, Burma, citing a resolution of the Muslims of Moulmein, Amherst, and Thaton condemning partition of Palestine and pledging their support to the Arab Higher Committee.

9. Letter dated 5 January 1948 from Mr. Alfred Hansen, Los Angeles, California, concerning the possibility of establishing a Jewish home in Italian Somaliland.

10. Letter dated 5 January 1948 from Rabbi Nathan Wise, Plymouth, Massachusetts, maintaining that the United Nations Palestine Commission should be admitted to Palestine before the withdrawal of the Mandatory Power, and that the Jewish people of Palestine should be supplied with arms.

11. Telegram dated 9 January 1948 from Mr. Moses Rosenberg, Chairman, Citizens’ Emergency Committee for Palestine, maintaining that a war of self-defense is being forced on the Jewish people of Palestine by the Arab League and asking that steps be taken to enforce the Resolution of the General Assembly to partition Palestine.

12. Letter dated 6 January 1948 from Mr. Peter H. Bergson, Hebrew Committee of Liberation, requesting the Security Council to take action against the Arab States in accordance with Articles 39, 42, and 6 of the Charter.

13. Letter dated 8 January 1948 addressed to the Secretary-General from Mr. Isa Nakhleh, Arab Higher Committee, New York, stating that he has received reports to the effect that an attempt is being made to force a decision calling on the small powers to supply troops for the enforcement of partition.

14. Telegram dated 9 January 1948, Atlantic City, from Rabbi Mosheh Shapiro President, Mishereth Tema’ an Jerusalem, asking the United Nations to call on the Mandatory Power to  Protect and free Jewish residents of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Mishereth Telma’an Jerusalem is an organization of American Jews supporting Jewish holy shrines in the Old City of Jerusalem.

15. Cablegram dated 9 January 1948, Nazareth, from Marcus Khuri, Priest of Eilaboun, Galilee, stating that 30,000 Christians in Galilee are suffering the consequences of partition.

16. Telegraph dated 18 January 1943 from Mr. S. Feldman, Little Rock, Arkansas, transmitting a resolution of the Arkansas Jewish Assembly asking for an end to “anarchy and chaos” in Palestine.

17. One letter and one telegram dated 21 and 23 January 1948, from Mr. Arthur Stein, President, American Jewish Congress, and Miss Jeanette Kirschenbaum, President, Woodmere Sisterhood Congregations, Sons of Israel, urging that immediate steps be taken (1) to enforce the partition of Palestine; (2) to lift the embargo on shipment of arms to the Jewish population of Palestine and (3) to admit immediately to Palestine the United Nations Palestine Commission.

18. Cablegram dated 25 January 1948 from L’Association des Amis de la Palestine Arabs, Paris, stating that 8,000 members of the organization associate themselves with the Arabs of Palestine in their fight against partition and their desire for total and unconditional independence.

19. Cablegram dated 27 January 1948 from the World Secretariat, Zionists Revisionists, Paris, requesting the Secretary-General and the Chairman of the United Nations Palestine Commission to ensure that Jews detained at the Latrum Camp under defense regulations be transferred immediately to the Jewish area and released with a minimum of delay.

20. Telegram dated 27 January 1948 from Mr. Morris Blumenreich, Manager, Pantsmakers Trade Board of Greater New York, urging on behalf of “several thousand” members of the Pantsmakers Branch, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, that the Secretary-General arrange for the protection of the Jewish population of Palestine.

21. The following communications, from groups, requesting that the United Nations take immediate disciplinary action against the Arabs:

(i) Letter dated 8 January 19148 from Rabbi 13 Baruch Korff, Chairman, Political Action Committee for Palestine, New York.
(ii) Letter dated 13 January 1948 from Miss Venice Edmondson, State Chairman, Woman’s Action Committee for Lasting Peace, New York.
(iii) Telegram dated 14 January 1948 from 1,000 members of Radomysler Ymba, Brooklyn, New York.

22. Ninety letters and postcards from individuals, requesting that the United Nations take immediate disciplinary action against the Arabs.

23. Sixteen telegrams and thirty-three letters, from individuals, asking for the establishment of an international police force for the purpose of enforcing the Resolution of the General Assembly to partition Palestine.

24. Six letter’s, from individuals, protesting against, the decision of the General Assembly to partition Palestine.

25. Twelve letters and two telegrams, from individuals, maintaining that partition of Palestine is being hindered by actions of the United Kingdom.


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