Arrangements for Lausanne talks – UNCCP 43rd meeting (Jerusalem)- Summary record



held in Jerusalem (Arab Sector) on 14 April 1949 at 3 p.m.


Mr. Ethridge



Mr. de Boisanger


*Mr. Eralp


Mr. Azcarate

Principal Secretary

* Alternate

In the absence of the Chairman Mr. Ethridge took the chair.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY reported that a letter had now been received from the Government of Israel giving its official acceptance in principle to attend the talks in, Lausanne. No reply had as yet been received, however, from the Secretary-General, although approval had again, been requested, by telephone, the previous day.

Mr. ETHRIDGE thought that the official telegrams of invitation should be despatched at once in any case.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY reported to the Commission on the arrangements for transportation of the Commission and Secretariat to Lausanne. Concerning the arrangements for Jerusalem, he observed that it was important to dispel any impression that might exist in the minds of the Arab States that the seat of the Commission was being moved away from Jerusalem. It seemed wiser therefore, that Mr. Barnes should remain in Jerusalem for the time being; by the end of two weeks it should be possible to determine whether a responsible official representing the Commission should be permanently on duty in Jerusalem, and to make arrangements accordingly. The Commission’s office in the Arab Sector would he kept open and operated by Mr. Shamsee during the Commission’s absence.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY suggested that Mr. Serup should replace Mr. Barnes for the time being as Secretary of the Jerusalem Committee.

The Commission approved the Principal Secretary’s suggestions.

With regard to the memorandum on measures to be taken by the Israeli Government on behalf of the refugees, Mr. ETHRIDGE said he had been informed by Comay that the memorandum would be discussed at the Israeli Cabinet meeting the following Tuesday. Mr. Ethridge wished it recorded that Mr. Comay had informed him that Mr. Ben Gurion desired to send the Commission a letter clarifying his position regarding Jerusalem, since he had come to the conclusion, following the Tel Aviv meeting, that his statement at that meeting did not reflect the views of his Government. Mr. Ethridge assumed that when such a letter was received it would be transmitted to the Secretary-General as an addendum to the Commission’s report.

Mr. de BOISANGER expressed the view that during its stay in Lausanne the Commission must maintain the best possible liaison with Palestine and must keep itself informed or public opinion in that country. He supported a request by Mrs. de la Tour du Pin that copies of the “Palestine Post” should be delivered to all three delegations in Lausanne, and further requested that daily analyses of the Arab and Jewish press should be made available to the Commission.

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Document Sources: United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP)
Subject: Jerusalem, Palestine question
Publication Date: 14/04/1949
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