UNCCP – Views of Arab States on the Palestine question, refugees, Jerusalem – Memorandum to Israel


M E M O R A N D U M*

In accordance with the terms of its letter of 21 May 1949, the Conciliation Commission herewith transmits to the Israeli Delegation a summary of the views submitted to the Commission by the delegations of the Arab States, in regard to the working document adopted as a basis of discussion in the Protocol of 12 May 1949.

The Conciliation Commission would appreciate receiving from the Israeli delegation any observations which it may care to make in regard to the points of view of the Arab delegations set out in this memorandum.

(1) The Arab delegations reaffirm that their respective Governments consider that the Palestine problem, in its entirety, is of equal concern to all of them.

(2) The Arab delegations consider that the refugee question is the most pressing of all those covered by the Protocol of 12 May, and that any delay in its settlement may entail the most serious consequences from a political, social and humanitarian point of view. In addition to the proposals submitted in the memorandum  from the Arab delegations dated 18 May already conveyed to the Israeli delegation, the Arab delegations suggest that the following steps be taken with a view to putting into effect at the earliest possible moment the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly of 11 December 1948 in relation to the refugee question:

(a) That the refugees coming from the areas defined on the map annexed to the Protocol of 12 May, comprising those from western Galilee, from the town of Jaffa, from the central zone including Lydda, Ramle and Beersheba, from the southern coastal zone, and from the Jerusalem area as defined on the same map, be enabled to return to their homes forthwith.

(b) That in order to assure personal security and free exercise of their rights to refugees returning to their homes until the areas mentioned above have been evacuated by Jewish troops and authorities, the Conciliation Commission should consider and put into effect, on behalf of the United Nations, the necessary international guarantees.

(c) The Arab delegations consider it indispensable that the Commission should effect the repeal of all measures taken by Israeli authorities in the Jerusalem area which are of a nature to obstruct settlement of the Jerusalem question. The Arab delegations consider it particularly important that the departments and services installed in Jerusalem allegedly in disregard of the terms of the resolution of 11 December 1948, should be transferred elsewhere without delay.

*Handed to the Delegation of Israel in Lausanne, 25 May 1949.


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