held at the American School, Jerusalem

on Monday, 14 March 1949, at 3 P.M.


 Mr. Ethridge


*Mr. de la Tour du Pin


*Mr. Yenisey


* Mr. Azcarate

Principal Secretary


Beirut Meeting

Mr. Azcarate informed the Commission of a report he had received from “Agence France Presse” that the Prime Minister of Egypt had stated his intention of attending the Beirut meetings. If the statement were confirmed officially, there would remain only the Governments of. Saudi Arabia and Yemen which had not yet replied to the Commission’s invitation.

Reply from Mr. Sharett to the Chairman’s Telegram

The CHAIRMAN expressed the view that the work of the Commission had been greatly prejudiced by the events of the past few days, notably the Aqaba incident, Mr. Ben Gurion’s statement that Jerusalem was a part of Israel, and the present disappointing statement from Mr. Sharett concerning the refugee question. Although Mr. Sharett had turned over to Mr. Ben Gurion the decision of whether a conciliatory statement would be made or not, the Chairman was not optimistic concerning the possibility of such a statement being forth coming in the present circumstances. The Commission could only continue with its plans for the talks with Arab Governments in Beirut.

The Chairman approved a suggestion by Mr. YENISEY to the effect that if the technical study which the Commission expected to receive in two days from the Israeli Government did not clarify the situation, the Commission might ask for an interview with Mr. Ben Gurion.

Communication from the Arab Higher Committee

At the suggestion of Mr. de la TOUR DU PIN, who felt that the Secretariat’s draft reply to the telegram of the Arab Higher Committee was too brief and brusque, the CHAIRMAN requested the Principal Secretary to expand and soften the tennis of his draft reply.

Communication from Dr. Bunche

The CHAIRMAN observed that Mr. Wilkins was at present in Rhodes and asked for postponement of discussion of this item of the agenda.

Mr. YENISEY remarked that during a conversation he had with Mr. Vigier, the latter had stated that the Israeli-Lebanese negotiations should be terminated by the end of the present week; the negotiations with Transjordan, however would last at least another two weeks.

The meeting rose at 3:45

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