Meeting with Lebanese delegation/Peaceful settlement of the QoP;refugees and Jerusalem/ – UNCCP 3rd meeting (Lausanne) – Summary Record




held in Lausanne, 27 April 1949 at 5.30 p.m.


Mr. Ethridge

(United States of America)


Mr. de Boisanger


Mr. Yalcin


Mr. Azcarate

Principal Secretary

Mr. Fouad Bey Amoun

Representatives of Lebanon

Mr. Mohamed Ali Hamade

The CHAIRMAN, after thanking the Lebanese delegation for coming to Lausanne to meet the Conciliation Commission, said that the present discussions constituted a fresh step, and he hoped, a final step towards the re-establishment of peace in the Middle East. The Commission had already met at Beirut the members of the Lebanese delegation now in Lausanne, and the latter were therefore fully informed of the Commission’s tasks. The Commission would be pleased to learn the views of the Lebanese Government both on the refugee problem and on that of Jerusalem. It would be desirable for the Lebanese delegation to inform the Commission in due course of its position with regard to the final settlement of all the questions on which the parties had not yet reached agreement and of territorial questions in particular. The Commission and its members held themselves entirely at the disposal of the Lebanese delegation. Negotiations with the State of Israel might be carried out either through the Commission or directly between Lebanon and Israel, the essential thing being that progress should be made towards the re-establishment of peace.

Mr. FOUAD BEY AMOUN thanked the Chairman and members of the Commission for their welcome. He thought that the Commission knew the Lebanese position on the refugee problem and on Jerusalem; he was willing, however, to carry on discussions, if the Commission felt it necessary, so as to ensure complete clarification of the issues with regard to the other points, the Lebanese delegation was prepared to discuss them in so far as they were related to the two above-mentioned problems which, for the Lebanese Government, were of primary importance.

The CHAIRMAN stated that if he had correctly understood the position of the Lebanese delegation, the latter held the necessary powers to deal with the question of refugees and of the Holy Places. He asked what was the position of the Lebanese delegation with regard to territorial questions.

The Lebanese delegation replied that such questions would be studied in so far as they had a bearing on the other points and that they might possibly be examined as the work proceeded.

Mr. de BOISANGER stressed the desirability of arranging for contacts between the Jerusalem Committee and the Lebanese delegation.

Mr. YALCIN considered that, in the course of discussions, a general survey might be made of all outstanding problems which might then be dealt with more exhaustively as the work progressed.

Mr. FOUAD BEY AMOUN reaffirmed Lebanon's desire to co-operate in the fullest possible measure with the Conciliation Commission and declared himself in agreement with the procedure suggested by Mr. Yalcin. The Lebanese delegation held itself entirely at the disposal of the Commission.

The CHAIRMAN and the members of the Commission thanked the Lebanese delegation for the goodwill it had displayed.


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