Remarks by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton

following the high level meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee

First of all I want to thank you and Norway for your tireless efforts in the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, to ensure that we continue to support what is a very important piece of the puzzle that will bring into being the state that will live side by side with Israel, which is Palestine.

That is the institution building that is necessary to ensure that it can exist properly and exist in ways that will guarantee success, which is important for the people living there and very important for the people of Israel and the neighborhood.

The second thing I wanted to say was to also pay tribute to the courage of President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu for making the decision to move into talks. It's a courageous decision to do that, and it will require great courage to continue with it and I am very well aware we need to all support them in their endeavours. And I want to pay real tribute to John Kerry for the work that he has done to make this happen. And we stand ready to help and support in any way we can.

The final thing I wanted to say is the importance of ensuring economic support. It is really critical that as well as the political process, we see an economic process that can help people develop the economy and lead the lives that they want to lead. That is important not just for what we hope one day soon will be a state, the State of Palestine, but also important for the people of Israel. Our ultimate objective is to support a two state solution that will bring peace and security for both and help to develop and grow a whole region.

And again, we pay tribute to everyone today that has shown their commitment to this, not least the two ministers that we have with us today.

Thank you.

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Subject: Assistance, Economic issues, Governance, Peace process, Statehood-related
Publication Date: 25/09/2013