Minister De Gucht comments on the latest development in the Middle East peace process

Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht has responded positively to the agreement reached by the Palestinian parties in Mecca. "Based on the information known at this stage, I welcome the agreement reached on the formation of a Palestinian government of national unity", he said. "I hope this development will end Palestinian internecine violence. More specifically, I'd like to thank the Saudi authorities for the role they played in this development", the minister added.

Nonetheless, De Gucht remains cautious: "Not all the commitments made are known, and the new government won't be taking office for a while yet. So some question marks remain in terms of content and schedule", he said.

On the subject of the Quartet's latest meeting, he added: "I see America's reiteration of its commitment as a positive development. We owe it to prompting by the German EU Presidency. What's important is that the European Union and the USA join forces to try and get the peace process out of the crisis that has dogged it just recently", he concluded.

Document Type: Press Release
Country: Belgium
Subject: Palestine question, Peace process
Publication Date: 09/02/2007