Third Report on the Implementation of the Agreement on Movement and Access

The Quartet Special Envoy's Office is submitting the third biweekly report on the implementation of the 15 November Agreement on Movement and Access, covering the period 10 to 23 December inclusive.

• Rafah has been open continuously since 26 November. Opening hours were increased from 5 to 8 hours per day on 19 December. In addition, since the late evening of 22 December, Rafah has been operating in two shifts, in order to meet the needs of thousands of pilgrims to Mecca. Thus, on 23 December, opening hours were further increased to 19 hours per day. The first truck left Gaza via Rafah on 18 December. No security incidents on the Palestinian side of the border were reported.

• Karni has operated continuously since November 15. The throughput of export truck loads has increased to a daily average of 66. Measures to upgrade Karni are underway. A large, new scanner has arrived in country, and installation preparations are underway at Karni.

• Erez remained closed for Palestinians on 10 and 11 December. It was open again from 12 to 15 December, and closed for the remaining days of the reporting period. The average daily number of Palestinian workers and businesspeople allowed into Israel dropped to 1430.

• The GoI and the PA failed to begin implementation of bus convoys by December 15, as called for in the Agreement on Movement and Access. Discussions continue.

• OCHA reports a slight decrease in the number of obstacles to movement in the West Bank from 403 to 402. Discussions are continuing between the GoI and the US, with OCHA's participation to work out a plan to reduce obstacles.