Human rights violations in the OPT – GA Third Cttee debate – Press release (excerpts)

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Sixty-seventh General Assembly

Third Committee

33rd & 34th Meetings (AM & PM)



Delegates Take Issue with ‘Bias’ in Mandates of Special Rapporteurs, Other Experts



The Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) met this morning to continue its consideration of the promotion and protection of human rights. It was expected to hear presentations by two senior United Nations officials and one expert, before taking up its general discussion. For background information, see Press Release GA/SHC/4076 of 23 October.




NADYA RASHEED, observer for the State of Palestine, expressed her sincere appreciation to the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 for his outstanding work. Referring to Israel’s refusal to allow him entry into the occupied territories, she stressed that the refusal must not be allowed to stand as a precedent. The Palestinian people were enduring a human rights crisis in the midst of Israeli oppression and expansionism, and it was high time to reverse 46 years of Palestinian suffering and to ensure that Israel, the occupying Power, was held to account for its human rights violations and other crimes. Otherwise, Israel would only be further emboldened to continue acting with impunity in its gross violations of the law. Peace must ultimately result in a complete end to the occupation and the fulfilment of Palestinian national aspirations to live as a free, secure, dignified and self-reliant people in their own independent State, with East Jerusalem as its capital.


NAJLA ISMAIL ALRAEES ( United Arab Emirates) … To protect the human and humanitarian rights of Palestinians, she called on Israel to lift the Gaza blockage.


Right of Reply


The representative of Israel said the Palestinian delegation persisted in its failure to take responsibility for its own people and their future. Instead, it resorted to abusing Israel while hijacking and abusing United Nations forums. If it showed the same commitment to negotiations, a peace deal would already have been achieved, he said. While Palestinian rights were important, Israeli rights were equally important and the Israel’s Government faced a constant battle to balance Palestinian human rights with the compromised need for security of its own citizens. He acknowledged that Israeli policies were not perfect but stressed that its media and civil society were free to criticize, unlike those in the West Bank and Gaza.

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