Council of the European Union’s conclusions on ME Peace process (Brussels, 23 Jan. 2012) – EU press release/Non-UN document


Council conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process

3142th FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting

Brussels, 23 January 2012

The Council adopted the following conclusions:


"1 The EU welcomes the efforts by Jordan to facilitate direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinians as part of the Quartet process. The EU calls on both parties to come forward with comprehensive proposals on borders and security, as envisaged in the Quartet statement on 23 September. A bold and decisive demonstration of political leadership is needed from both sides to encourage the momentum and ensure real progress.


2. Against the backdrop of worrying developments on the ground in 2011, particularly with regard to settlements, the EU reaffirms its commitment to a two state solution: The legitimacy of the State of Israel and the right of Palestinians to achieve statehood must never be called into question. The viability of the two state solution must be preserved. The EU will continue to reinforce efforts towards resolving the conflict through its contribution to the Quartet, its continued partnership with Israel, and its support for the Palestinian Authority's state-building efforts. The EU reaffirms its clear positions on negotiations, with regard to parameters,

principles and issues, including the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council in December 2009, December 2010, May, July and October 2011 as well as the statement delivered on behalf of the EU at the UN Security Council on 21 April 2011.


3. The EU stresses the central role of the Quartet and backs the Quartet process to reach an agreement between the parties not later than by the end of 2012. The EU fully supports the High Representative in her continued efforts to create a credible perspective for the relaunching of the peace process. The EU reiterates its support to the Arab Peace Initiative.


4. The EU calls on the parties to demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful solution and to the Quartet process by actions that can build confidence and create an environment of trust necessary to ensure meaningful negotiations, leading to a comprehensive and lasting peace.


5. The EU welcomes the appointment of the new EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process."

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Publication Date: 23/01/2012
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