Jordan’s King calls for UN aid in preventing ‘humanitarian disaster’ with Syrian refugees


25 September 2012 – King Abdullah II of Jordan today called for more international help to prevent a humanitarian disaster for over 200,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the fighting in their homeland, stressing that the United Nations has an important role to play in finding a political solution in the neighbouring country.


King Abdullah II also called for an end to the Middle East conflict with a just solution that sees a Palestinian state living side by side with a secure Israel at peace with the entire region.

He said continuing illegal settlement building by Israel and unilateral actions directly threaten a negotiated peace, and voiced particular concern at threats to Jerusalem and the sanctity of its Moslem and Christian holy sites.

Any invasion or division of the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest place, would not only be a breach of Israel’s obligations but a profound religious transgression, he warned.

“The Arab world is seeking peace, real peace diplomatic relations, economic relations, trade, investment, a new normality in peace where people are safe in their homes, where communities are able to build, and where cooperation helps the entire region prosper,” he said of the Arab peace initiative of 2002.

He added, “It is time for Israel to turn around, look at the future we share, and make a just and lasting peace with the Palestinians.”