Brussels, 11 November 2004

Javier SOLANA,

EU High Representative for the CFSP,

comments on the passing of Yassir ARAFAT

Javier Solana, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), made today the following comments on the occasion of the death of Yassir Arafat, President of the Palestinian Authority:

"I have learned of President Arafat's passing with great sadness. I wish to express my sincere sympathy to his family and to the Palestinian people.

With the passing of Yassir Arafat the Palestinian people has lost its historic leader. More than any other, his life stands for the tragic and turbulent history of the Middle East.

A period of grief starts for all Palestinians. The best tribute to President Arafat's memory will be to intensify our efforts to establish a peaceful and viable State of Palestine as foreseen by the Roadmap."


Document symbol: S0302/04
Document Type: Comments
Document Sources: European Union (EU)
Subject: Gaza Strip, Settlements, Situation in the OPT including Jerusalem, Statehood-related
Publication Date: 11/11/2004