Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) – Twentieth bi-weekly implementation report (OCHA)

Twentieth Report

Implementation of the Agreement on Movement and Access

(9 – 22 August 2006)

The United Nations1 is submitting the 20th bi-weekly report on the implementation of the 15 November Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA), covering the period 9 – 22 August 2006 inclusive.2

• Having remained closed since 25 June for regular movement, the Rafah crossing opened for three days during this reporting period: on 10 and 11 August for selective departures (including those with resident permits in other countries) only and for 11 hours on 19 August during which 310 people crossed into the Gaza Strip and 2,470 departed according to information given to UNWRA by the passport police.

• The Karni crossing was closed for seven days during the reporting period (9 and 16-22 August). Karni was open for imports on all other scheduled working days although actual operating times varied between three and a half and nine and a half hours per day. There were no exports during the reporting period; a total of 19.5 truckloads of exported goods have crossed through Karni since 23 June (on 6 and 7 August).

• The Erez crossing remains closed for Palestinian workers and traders since 12 March. Since 25 June, only critical Palestinian humanitarian cases (with prior coordination with the Israeli DCL) were permitted to cross. There were attacks by Palestinian militants on an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) observation post at Erez on 14 and 17 August.

• The Kerem Shalom crossing has remained closed since 25 June, following an attack by Palestinian militants on an IDF observation post.

• The Sufa crossing has remained closed since 21 June, due to a reported security alert by the IDF.

• The deadline for the introduction of truck convoys between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as agreed in the AMA, passed on 15 January. Discussions about the possibility of bus convoys have not resumed.

• The GoI has not provided the assurance to donors that it will not interfere with the operation of the Gaza Strip seaport.

• There have been no discussions on the Gaza Strip airport during the reporting period.

• According to OCHA, the number of obstacles to movement in the West Bank increased from 536 to 547. OCHA compiles several times a year comprehensive count of physical obstacles to Palestinian movement in the West Bank. The figures reported here are based on OCHA field observations only.


1 The Office of the Quartet’s Special Envoy closed on 28 April. The United Nations has assumed reporting responsibilities on the implementation of the AMA.

2 The report draws on all available data sources for reporting including the EU, UN agencies, PA ministries, PalTrade, COGAT and the World Bank.

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