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Press Release PAL/81

31 July 1947


(The following was received today at UN Headquarters from

UN Press Officer with the Special Committee of Palestine, now in Geneva)

At a Press Conference in Geneva this afternoon Emil Sandstrom (Sweden) Chairman of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine outlined the program of work to be followed by the Committee in drafting its report.  The first stage will deal with the history of the Palestine crisis, the second stage with an analysis of the facts as determined by the Committee and the third stage, recommendations to the General Assembly, Mr. Sandstrom said.  He stated that the  Committee will try to meet the September 1 deadline set by the Assembly but will go beyond that date if necessary.

In the opinion of Mr. Sandstrom the visit of the Committee in Palestine enabled the members to obtain a better insight into the problem.  The Committee would have obtained a better picture, he said, if the Arab Higher Committee had testified, but Arab views were nevertheless obtained from representatives of the Arab States in Beyruth.

Mr. Sandstrom said the report of the Special Committee is not likely to necessitate the creation of a further commission to work out details of the recommendations.

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Document symbol: PAL/81
Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP)
Subject: Palestine question
Publication Date: 31/07/1947