Mideast situation/Palestine question – LAS Secretary General receives Armenia’s Foreign Minister – LAS Press release/Non-UN document

Secretary General Receives Armenia's Foreign Minister (19-1-2005) 

Secretary General Amre Moussa of the Arab League received FM Vartan Oskanyan of Armenia at the General Secretariat's headquarters.

Official Spokesman Hossam Zaki of the Arab League Secretary General said during the meeting Moussa listened to the Armenian official's evaluation and his country's viewpoint concerning the situation in the middle Asian region in view of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh region.

In the meantime, according to Zaki, the Armenian official enquired about Secretary General Moussa's evaluation of the situation in the Middle East, specifically in Palestine and Iraq. As regards Palestine, Moussa confirmed that in order to achieve improvement in the situation the, USA must change its approach concerning the conflict issue. In this regard, Moussa referred to the hearing conducted by the Congress for Condoleezza Rice who's nominated for the Secretary of State title, where a new approach has been adopted. Moussa has expressed hope that such approach would be interpreted in a new policy to be adopted by the USA in order to restore its factual role as an unbiased mediator seeking to resolve the conflict upon basis of justice and balance. He also stressed that Israel's ongoing policy would lead to an undesired deterioration in the current situation at a time where efforts by all parties should weave in order to reach a final settlement.

As regards Iraq, Secretary General Moussa stressed that storming ethnic attitudes and dealing with the Iraqi people in terms of outdated ethnic classifications must stop immediately. He reiterated that the elections are a prominent part of the political process in Iraq that should enjoy credibility resulted from the partaking of all Iraqis.
Spkesman Zaki said the meeting was concluded by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Armenia and the Arab League to ensure further collaboration and consultation in the future.


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