EU and the US should address "Palestinians' legitimate demand", MEPs say

Foreign Relations   17-11-2011 – at  13:03

Plenary session

The EU and US should step up their cooperation to promote peace and democracy, trade, investment, growth and job creation. This includes pushing for a resumption of talks between Israel and the Palestinians and supporting emerging democracies in North Africa, say MEPs in a resolution passed on Thursday, ahead of the EU-US summit to be held in Washington on 28 November.

MEPs call on the EU and the US to support emerging democracies in North Africa, push for a resumption of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and "address the legitimate demand of the Palestinians to be represented as a state at the United Nations as a result of negotiations within the UN framework".

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Subject: Economic issues, Peace process, Peace proposals and efforts, Statehood-related
Publication Date: 17/11/2011