Note by the Secretariat

I. Status of the regional meetings

Based on bilateral negotiations that have been conducted during the past three months, the Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia have agreed to serve as hosts for the African, Western Asian and Asian regional meetings.

The dates and sites are as follows:

Western Asia
Kuala Lumpur
29 March – 2 April 1983
25-29 April 1983
3-7 May 1983

II. Agenda and documentation for the meetings

Based on the discussions of the Preparatory Committee and further analysis by the Secretariat, the following provisional agendas and documentation for the three meetings have been determined:

A. African regional meeting

Agenda: Political and constitutional aspects of the question of Palestine

Documentation (to be prepared):

Palestine within the historical process of decolonization

Comparative study of national liberation movements

Development, structure and role of the Palestine Liberation Organization

Application of law in determining rights and opportunities of citizens – comparative study with special reference to the African experience

Background documentation (studies prepared by the Division):

Havana Seminar proceedings

Malta Seminar proceedings

Arusha Seminar proceedings (1980)

B. Western Asian regional meeting

Agenda: Economic, civic, social and cultural conditions of Palestinians

Documentation (to be prepared):

Economic activity and access to national resources

Social and cultural rights and development

Team reports prepared for ECWA

Background documentation (studies prepared by the Division):

Israel's policy on the West Bank water resources (1980)

Social, economic and political institutions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (1982)

Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank (including Jerusalem) (1980)

Acquisition of Land in Palestine (1980)

Havana Seminar proceedings

C.. Asian regional meeting

Agenda:  Question of Palestine and world politics

Documentation (to be prepared):

Strategic and economic significance of Palestine

Other obstacles which impede the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people

Development of world opinion on the question of Palestine, including an update of opinion polls

Palestine and conflict of ideology

Background documentation (studies prepared by the Division):

Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank (including Jerusalem) (1980)

Israel's policy on the West Bank water resources (1980)

USA Seminar proceedings (1982)

Malta Seminar proceedings (1982)

The following documents are basic documents for all meetings:

The Palestinian people: an updated profile of the Palestinian people

The United Nations and the question of Palestine

In addition, "The question of Palestine", prepared by the Division, will be available in all meetings as a background document.

Relevant studies prepared by specialized agencies and other United Nations organizations will be available.

III. Structure

In accordance with the deliberations of the Committee and the budget approved for the meetings, there will be a plenary as well as a working group or

sub-committee that can be convened during the plenary sessions.