Summary statement by the Secretary-General on matters of which

the Security Council is seized and on the stage reached in their consideration

1. Pursuant to rule 11 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council, the Secretary-General wishes to submit hereunder the list of items of which the Security Council is currently seized, with references in parentheses to the previous summary statements that have been issued covering consideration of each item. 1/


5. As at 1 January 1987, the list of matters of which the Security Council is seized is as follows:


9. The Palestine question (see S/7382, S/7441, S/7452, S/7564, S/7570, S/7596 and S/7600)


57. The situation in the Middle East (see S/7913, S/7923, S/7976, S/8000, S/8048, S/8066, S/8215, S/8242, S/8252, S/8269, S/8502, S/8525, S/8534, S/8564, S/8575, S/8584, S/8595, S/8747, S/8753, S/8807, S/8815, S/8828, S/8836, S/8885, S/8896, S/8960, S/9123, S/9135, S/9319, S/9382, S/9395, S/9406, S/9427 and Corr.1, S/9449, S/9452, S/9805, S/9812, S/9930, S/10327, S/10341, S/10554, S/10557, S/10703, S/10721, S/10729, S/10743, S/10770/Add.4, S/10855/Add.15, S/10855/Add.16, S/10855/Add.23, S/10855/Add.24, S/10855/Add.29, S/10855/Add.30, S/10855/Add.33, S/10855/Add.41, S/10855/Add.43, S/10855/Add.44, S/11185/Add.14, S/11185/Add.15, S/11185/Add.16, S/11185/Add.21, S/11185/Add.42/Rev.1, S/11185/Add.47, S/11593/Add.15, S/11593/Add.21, S/11593/Add.29, S/11593/Add.42, S/11593/Add.49, S/11935/Add.21, S/11935/Add.42, S/11935/Add.48, S/12269/Add.12, S/12269/Add.13, S/12269/Add.21, S/12269/Add.42, S/12269/Add.48, S/12520/Add.10, S/12520/Add.11, S/12520/Add.17, S/12520/Add.21, S/12520/Add.37, S/12520/Add.39, S/12520/Add.42, S/12520/Add.47, S/12520/Add.48, S/13033/Add.2, S/13033/Add.16, S/13033/Add.19, S/13033/Add.41, S/13033/Add.23, S/13033/Add.34, S/13033/Add.47, S/13033/Add.50, S/13737/Add.15, S/13737/Add.16, S/13737/Add.21, S/13737/Add.24, S/13737/Add.25, S/13737/Add.26, S/13737/Add.33, S/13737/Add.47, S/13737/Add.50, S/14326/Add.10, S/14326/Add.11, S/14326/Add.20, S/14326/Add.24, S/14326/Add.28, S/14326/Add.29, S/14326/Add.47, S/14326/Add.50, S/14840/Add.8, S/14840/Add.21, S/14840/Add.22, S/14840/Add.23, S/14840/Add.24, S/14840/Add.25, S/14840/Add.27, S/14840/Add.30, S/14840/Add.31, S/14840/Add.32, S/14840/Add.33, S/14840/Add.37, S/14840/Add.42, S/14840/Add.48, S/15560/Add.1, S/15560/Add.21, S/15560/Add.29. S/15560/Add.37, S/15560/Add.42, S/15560/Add.45, 8/15560/Add.47, S/15560/Add.48, S/16270/Add.6, S/16270/Add.8, S/16270/Add.15, S/16270/Add.20. S/16270/Add.21, S/16270/Add.34, S/16270/Add.35, S/16270/Add.40. S/16270/Add.47, S/16880/Add.8, S/16880/Add.9,S/16880/Add.10, S/16880/Add.15, S/16880/Add.20, S/16880/Add.21, S/16880/Add.41, S/16880/Add.46, S/17725/Add.29, S/17725/Add.15, S/17725/Add.21, S/17725/Add.28, S/17725/Add.35, S/17725/Add.37, S/17725/Add.38, S/17725/Add.43 and S/17725/Add.47)

85. The situation in the occupied Arab territories (see S/11935/Add.18, S/11935/Add.19, S/11935/Add.20, S/11935/Add.21, S/11935/Add.44, S/11935/Add.45, S/13033/Add.9, S/13033/Add.10, S/13033/Add.11, S/13033/Add.28, S/13737/Add.7, S/13737/Add.8, S/13737/Add.18, S/13737/Add.20, S/13737/Add.22, S/13737/Add.50, S/14326/Add.50, S/14840/Add.1, S/14840/Add.2, S/14840/Add.3, S/14840/Add.4, S/14840/Add.12, S/14840/Add.13, S/14840/Add.15, S/14840/Add.16, S/14840/Add.45, S/15560/Add.6, S/15560/Add.7, S/15560/Add.20, S/15560/Add.30, S/15560/Add.31, S/16880/Add.36, S/17725/Add.3, S/17725/Add.4, S/17725/Add.48 and S/17725/Add.49.

86. The question of the exercise by the Palestinian people of its inalienable rights (see S/11935/Add.23, S/11935/Add.24, S/11935/Add.25, S/11935/Add.26, S/12269/Add.43, S/13033/Add.25, S/13033/Add.29, S/13033/Add.33, S/13737/Add.13, S/13737/Add.14 and S/13737/Add.17)



Document symbol: S/18570
Document Type: Statement, Summary statement
Document Sources: Secretary-General, Security Council
Subject: Middle East situation, Palestine question
Publication Date: 08/01/1987