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Committee on Rights of                              Press Release GA/PAL/21

 Palestinian People                                 21 July 1976

17th Meeting (AM)


     The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian  People decided this morning to submit to the General Assembly, for consideration  at its September/December session, the report which the Committee had prepared in May for transmittal to the Security Council.

     The report (document S/12090) contains recommendations on such matters as

a time-table for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories by

1 June 1977, and a two-stage plan for return of the Palestinians to their

homes.  (The report is summarized in Take 1 of Press Release SC/3755, issued

on 9 June.)

     The report had been prepared in response to General Assembly resolution

3376 (XXX) of November 1975, which established the Committee and asked it to

submit its report and recommendations to the Secretary-General no later than

1 June 1976.  As called for in the resolution, the Secretary-General transmitted the report to the Security Council, which considered it at eight meetings between 9 and 29 June.  The Council failed to adopt a resolution on the question.

     In the 1975 resolution, besides requesting a report for the Security

Council, the Assembly authorized the Committee, taking the Council's action

into consideration to submit to the Assembly at its September/December session

a report containing the Committee's observations and recommendations.

     In a brief discussion this morning, the representatives of Pakistan, the

German Democratic Republic and Cuba and the observers of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Arab League expressed satisfaction at the "overwhelming support" expressed for the Committee's recommendations during the Security Council debate.  The Chairman, Medoune Fall (Senegal), suggesting that the Committee submit the report it had already prepared to the Assembly, said that the few reservations expressed in the Council about the report had been of a general nature and he felt that a revision of the recommendations was unnecessary.

     The Committee also approved this morning several proposals by Pakistan

concerning future work.  It agreed that its drafting group, under the

chairmanship of Mr. Fall, would work between now and the start of the

General Assembly on 21 September to urge delegations to support the report

when it is considered by the Assembly.

     The Committee also agreed to transmit the report to the Conference of

Non-Aligned Countries which is scheduled to meet beginning 9 August in Sri Lanka.

     Finally, the Committee decided to hold one or more meetings before the start of the next Assembly session in order to discuss strategy for the Assembly's debate on the question.  The Chairman said the Committee would discuss the Security Council's action on its report "after 2 November".

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Publication Date: 21/07/1976