ADS2021: Day Fifteen


ADS 2021 - The New Sounds [Part 2]

ADS 2021 - The New Sounds Part 2

The celebration of Africa month continues, this time with new sounds. Join this celebration of Africa's diversity, creativity and rich cultural heritage through this selection of contemporary music.

This week’s selection features music with a message that, while celebrating culture, also challenges some cultural practices that need to change in order to enhance development in Africa, such as the song Bado Mapema. Singers songwriters Mercy, MLay and Queen Lisa are working together in Kakuma Refugee Camp where they live to change people's perceptions, and protect girls from being married against their will. The music video was directed by Abdul Patient.


No Longer At Ease - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 15]

No Longer At Ease - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 15]

In this episode, Zeinab Badawi provides an overview of how Africans lived before the arrival of Europeans.

We see traditional religion in practice in Kenya, we meet a traditional medicine practitioner in Congo, and in Uganda, we witness traditional justice in action as community elders adjudicate in a matrimonial dispute. We hear from one local king who reminisces about how compassionate and ordered life was under the old ways and a local chief and his family in Zambia provide insights of traditional village life before the disruptive influence of Europeans.

The title describes a people who were becoming 'no longer at ease’ in the run up to one of the ugliest chapters in human history: the trans Atlantic slave trade. The late acclaimed Nigerian author Chinua Achebe wrote a book with the same title.

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