ADS2021: Day One


The Africa Dialogue Series is here!

The 2021 edition of the Africa Dialogue Series (ADS), the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA)’s flagship event, begins today and will continue throughout May, which is also Africa month. This year’s ADS celebrates Africa’s identity, culture, history and achievements. It also brings together key stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities for Africa. 

The 2021 theme “Cultural identity and ownership: reshaping mindsets,” is anchored in the African Union’s theme for the year: “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want.” 

Showcasing innovations from Africa in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, documentary films about the continent’s rich history and cultural heritage, virtual art exhibitions, and engaging conversations with African academics, artists and film makers are among some of the exciting activities in store. The programme also includes twitter chats with youth influencers and music from across the continent. 


Africa Dialogue Series (ADS) Launch by Ms. Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General

Africa Dialogue Series (ADS) Launch by Ms. Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General

“2021 is a year of hope and opportunity for Africa. Despite the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and an inadequate global response, the continent stood up to the challenge and is charting a path towards a recovery that will ensure the delivery of Agenda 2030 and 2063,” UN Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Amina Mohammed. 



Conversation with filmmakers

Conservation with filmmakers

Join award-winning film makers as they explore Africa’s multi-faceted film industry and how it can be used for Africa’s benefit, in line with this year’s theme. In this interesting exchange, panelists discuss film as an art, a way of telling Africa’s story, a way of preserving culture, an advocacy tool for challenging aspects of culture that are no longer relevant and as vehicle to push for policy change. They also discuss film as a vehicle for political change, a tool to promote peace and a channel for economic transformation through opportunities such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

Moderator: Modester Mahiga-Mbughuni, Lawyer, Human Capital and Institutional Transformation Expert


  • Tsitsi Dangarembga - Screenwriter, director, producer, novelist and playwright
  • Marie-Clémence Andriamonta Paes – Filmmaker
  • Dayo Ogunyemi – Entrepreneur and investor in film, media and technology


Watch the French version of conversation:

Watch the Arabic version of conversation:



Mother Africa - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 1]

Mother Africa - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 1]

In this first episode, Zeinab Badawi travels across the continent examining the origins of humankind; how and why we evolved in Africa - Africa is the greatest exporter of all time: every human being originated in Africa. During her journey Zeinab is granted rare access to the actual bones of one of the most iconic discoveries in the field of palaeontology, ‘Lucy' in Ethiopia, or as she is known in Amharic, ‘Dinkenesh’, which means ‘you are marvellous’. Zeinab also spends time in Tanzania with a tribe that is unique in the world because they live in the way our ancestors did, as hunters of big animals and gatherers. This community who have rarely been filmed provide a fascinating insight into how we have lived for most of our history.


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