UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2021

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2021/001 EN, FR Coca Liability and relief 08/01/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/002 EN, FR Lekoetje Liability and relief 13/01/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/003 EN Cherneva Receivability 26/01/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/004 EN Branglidor Liability 02/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/005 EN, FR Delsol Liability and relief 02/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/006 EN, FR Silva Liability and relief 02/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/007 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 03/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/008 EN Bouchardy Receivability 10/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/009 EN Tajik Liability and relief 10/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/010 EN Harvey Liability and relief 19/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/011 EN Coleman Liability and relief 23/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/012 EN Richards Receivability 23/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/013 EN Gianotti Receivability 26/02/2021    
UNDT/2021/014 EN Galati Relief 26/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/015 EN, FR Gonzalez Vasquez Liability and relief 26/02/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/016 EN Coleman Liability and relief 02/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/017 EN, FR Barud Liability and relief 03/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/018 EN Kuate Liability and relief 05/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/019 EN Wozniak Receivability 05/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/020 EN, FR Papas Liability 08/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/021 EN, FR Battista Receivability 09/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/022 EN, FR Koduru Liability 09/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/023 EN Rehman Liability and relief 12/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/024 EN Ponce-Gonzalez Liability 19/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/025 EN, FR Hilzinger Liability 19/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/026 EN Okwir Liability and relief 22/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/027 EN Yamaguchi Receivability and merits 23/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/028 EN, FR Chernov Receivability 24/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/029 EN Brown Summary judgment 25/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/030 EN Banaj Liability and relief 26/03/2021 Appaled  
UNDT/2021/031 EN Solvsten Receivability 29/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/032 EN Hilaire-Madsen Liability and relief 29/03/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/033 EN, FR Latorre Leon Receivability 29/03/2021    
UNDT/2021/034 EN Khan Liability and relief 08/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/035 EN Guetgemann Summary judgement on liability and relief 15/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/036 EN Belsito Liability and relief 15/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/037 EN Viteskic Liability and relief 19/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/038 EN, FR Mousa Receivability 20/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/039 EN Cardines Liability and relief 21/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/040 EN, FR Ghafoor Receivability 23/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/041 EN Smith Liability and relief 23/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/042 EN, FR Passarelli Liability 28/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/043 EN Applicant Liability and relief 28/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/044 EN, FR Applicant Receivability 28/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/045 EN, FR Monnier Liability 28/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/046 EN Andreeva Liability and relief 29/04/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/047 EN Belkhabbaz Receivability 30/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/048 EN Kooshak Receivability 30/04/2021    
UNDT/2021/049 EN, FR Fosse Liability and relief 03/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/050 EN Amoussouga-Gero Liability and relief 03/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/051 EN, FR Bamba Liability 07/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/052 EN, FR Krioutchkov Liability 10/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/053 EN Branglidor Liability 17/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/054 EN Franco Liability and relief 17/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/055 EN Caucci Liability and relief 18/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/056 EN, FR Muc Liability and relief 19/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/057 EN, FR Beda Liability and relief 21/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/058 EN Kenguembat Liability and relief 21/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/059 EN Ridha Liability and relief 24/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/060 EN El-Awar Liability and relief 26/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/061 EN Caylan Liability and relief 28/05/2021    
UNDT/2021/062 EN Yavuz Liability and relief 31/05/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/063 EN Berthaud Liability and relief 04/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/064 EN, FR Diallo Liability and relief 07/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/065 EN, FR Mdoe Liability 07/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/066 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 08/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/067 EN, FR Belsito Liability 10/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/068 EN, FR Varona Liability and relief 10/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/069 EN, FR Saleh Liability 18/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/070 EN, FR Toson Liability 18/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/071 EN Caylan Liability and relief 21/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/072 EN, FR Popkins Receivability 22/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/073 EN Cherneva Receivability 25/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/074 EN Izurieta Canova Liability and relief 28/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/075 EN, FR Simiyu Liability 29/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/076 EN Gharagozloo Pakkala Liability and relief 29/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/077 EN Duparc et al. Liability and relief 30/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/078 EN, FR Valme Liability 30/06/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/079 EN, FR Gelsei Liability 30/06/2021    
UNDT/2021/080 EN, FR Mbogol Liability 01/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/081 EN Rehman Summary judgment 14/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/082 EN, FR Ramos Liability and relief 14/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/083 EN Prakash Summary judgment 15/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/084 EN, FR Ovcharenko et al. Receivability 16/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/085 EN, FR Mukhopadhyay Liability and relief 22/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/086 EN, FR Fakiri Liability 23/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/087 EN Chaoui et al. Liability and relief 26/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/088 EN, FR Younis Liability 27/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/089 EN White Receivability 27/07/2021    
UNDT/2021/090 EN Temu Liability 28/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/091 EN Applicant Liability and relief 29/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/092 EN Nigam Liability 29/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/093 EN Reilly Liability and relief 30/07/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/094 EN, FR Applicant Liability 04/08/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/095 EN Opolot Liability 05/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/096 EN Carpentier Liability and relief 12/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/097 EN Carpentier Liability and relief 12/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/098 EN Carpentier Receivability 12/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/099 EN Hossain Liability and relief 12/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/100 EN Larriera Receivability 24/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/101 EN Cherneva Receivability 24/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/102 EN Dettori Liability 24/08/2021    
UNDT/2021/103 EN, FR Mkhabela Receivability 02/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/104 EN Salem Liability 07/09/2021    
UNDT/2021/105 EN Specker Liability 13/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/106 EN Isaksson Liability and relief 15/09/2021    
UNDT/2021/107 EN Songa Kilauri Liability and relief 20/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/108 EN Awad Liability and relief 20/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/109 EN, FR Erefa Liability 21/09/2021    
UNDT/2021/110 EN, FR Larriera Receivability 21/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/111 EN Cherneva Receivability 23/09/2021    
UNDT/2021/112 EN Wenz Receivability 23/09/2021    
UNDT/2021/113 EN, FR Hassan Receivability 27/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/114 EN Hanjoury Receivability 28/09/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/115 EN, FR Moulana Liability 05/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/116 EN Lishchynski Liability 11/10/2021    
UNDT/2021/117 EN Khan Receivability 13/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/118 EN Armand Liability and relief 14/10/2021    
UNDT/2021/119 EN Mukhopadhyay Liability and relief 15/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/120 EN Dorji Receivability 15/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/121 EN Chawla Receivability 20/10/2021    
UNDT/2021/122 EN Garba Receivability 21/10/2021    
UNDT/2021/123 EN Pierre Receivability 26/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/124 EN Fosse Liability and relief 27/10/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/125 EN Azar Liability and relief 01/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/126 EN Vano Receivability 02/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/127 EN Kc Liability and relief 02/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/128 EN Russo-Got Receivability 05/11/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/129 EN Yavuz Liability and relief 08/11/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/130 EN Mitchell Liability 11/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/131 EN Drissi Liability 16/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/132 EN Applicant Liability 18/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/133 EN Loto Liability and relief 19/11/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/134 EN Kuya Liability and relief 19/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/135 EN Okwakol Liability and relief 19/11/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/136 EN Gakira Receivability 19/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/137 EN Amani Liability 23/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/138 EN Abalos et al. Liability 23/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/139 EN Mugo Receivability 24/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/140 EN Khan Liability 29/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/141 FR Abdellaoui Receivability 30/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/142 EN Applicant Liability 30/11/2021 Appealed  
UNDT/2021/143 EN Mirella Liability and relief 30/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/144 EN Antoine Liability 30/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/145 EN Millan Liability 30/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/146 EN Mohan Das Receivability 30/11/2021    
UNDT/2021/147 EN Rubwindi Receivability 01/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/148 EN Applicant Liability 02/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/149 EN Dantas Liability 02/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/150 EN Tepamose Receivability 03/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/151 EN Antoine Liability 07/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/152 EN Millan Liability 09/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/153 EN Minzer Liability 14/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/154 EN Rolli Liability 16/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/155 EN Elien Dismissal for want of prosecution 17/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/156 EN Adelegan Liability 21/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/157 EN Weidmann Liability 21/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/158 EN Korotaeva Liability 22/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/159 EN Younis Liability 23/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/160 EN Bassey Liability 23/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/161 EN Ponce-Gonzalez Liability and relief 23/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/162 EN Oming Liability 22/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/163 FR Di Mario Liability 28/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/164 EN Applicant Liability and Relief 29/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/165 EN Applicant Liability and Relief 29/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/166 EN O'Brien Liability 30/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/167 EN Chocobar Liability and Relief 30/12/2021    
UNDT/2021/168 EN Ait Shak Liability and Relief 30/12/2021