OSLA has offices in New York, Nairobi, Geneva, Beirut and Addis Ababa. Whilst visitors are welcome at all OSLA offices, in order to give you the fullest attention you are asked to complete a request for assistance and follow the steps online.

You may contact OSLA at any time by emailing You should typically get a response within 24 hours. You may also call OSLA on +1 212 963 3957 (UTC -5) or +254 20 762 6734 (UTC +3).

If you need urgent assistance, please telephone as well as emailing. OSLA receives many hundreds of queries from UN staff daily and OSLA does its best to respond in a timely fashion. Please remember, however, that you are ultimately responsible for meeting all your filing deadlines. It is therefore imperative that you contact OSLA at the earliest opportunity as OSLA cannot guarantee the provision of assistance to all those who contact its office close to the expiry of any relevant time limit.

“Contacting OSLA was the best decision I took; I am very grateful and satisfied with the help they provided. They provided me with a professional, efficient and very discreet service. They helped me put things in perspective, giving me proper advice, guidance and support. I would have never reached a positive closure to my issue had it not been through the help of OSLA.”
Staff member, Beirut, Lebanon, 2017